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What Our Community Thinks About Us


“All the staff are friendly and have a way to make all of the children feel special.”

“Woodcroft doesn’t just benefit the children who attend but in my opinion the wider community with inclusive family events and important support. The Forest School offering is outstanding.”

“My daughter loves story time and song time. I noticed how much the children are learning through story time when I came to a special story time visit, and sign language [Makaton] helps with language skills.”

“Willow wakes up looking forward to her day at Woodcroft. Her confidence and independence have grown since September.”

“Thank you all for your kindness and genuine love and care you have shown Cameron. Thank you for your patience and always embracing Cameron’s uniqueness.”

“Thank you for that little bit of Woodcroft he will take with him.”

“I could never have imagined feeling so comfortable handing her over which is testament to the wonderful family feel you create.”

“You saw the individuals that my son and daughter are. You nurtured their spirits, appreciated their uniqueness and celebrated their strengths. In short you loved them! Through this love and with the access to the inspiring environment and exciting activities they blossomed and grew into the wonderful, confident and independent souls they are with a thirst for learning, which I know will be lifelong. As a teacher myself I am so pleased that I chose this nursery and tell everyone I know.”

“You have made our life better with this wonderful place and kind, loving people.”

“Thank you for the wonderful learning environment, she really has enjoyed her time at Woodcroft Nursery School so much. She has developed so much since starting with you and it’s thanks to you all.”

“We feel that Woodcroft is a really special place and we are lucky that Aurelia had the opportunity to experience it.”

“Thank you so so much for the fantastic start you have given both Matthew and Lotte. It’s been a privilege to be part of the Woodcroft family the last 4 years. We will miss you all.”

“Thank you so much, the work you do here is extraordinary! The atmosphere of love and kindness in this nursery school is palpable. You all touch so many lives in such a positive way, not just the children but their families too.”

“In one year our daughter has thrived at Woodcroft. She has developed her social skills and has become a very kind, sociable and happy child, eager to learn and be involved in whatever comes her way. She has been prepared for primary school and is now ready to move onto the next level of her education. Woodcroft has always welcomed us as parents and has always listened to our concerns, taking them seriously and listening with empathy.”

“Woodcroft has been invaluable to our life and we feel privileged that our son could attend.”