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Curriculum Statement


At Woodcroft we aim to be a place in which every child can feel safe, secure and valued.

We are dedicated to helping each unique child to be comfortable and open to learning so that they can achieve all that they can.

We foster dispositions of curiosity, motivation, persistence, collaboration and creativity.  We want our children to be engaged in exploring and to be confident to take risks as they learn through play.

We aim to instil a love of learning. 


We achieve our intentions through building strong, supportive and nurturing relationships with children and families.

Our curriculum in underpinned by an absolute commitment to the prime areas of learning and development (Personal and Social, Physical and Communication and Language.)  This is the sea on which other learning floats.

Our nursery school is an environment rich in irresistible opportunities and possibilities where children are encouraged to explore, to follow their interests and to actively seek challenges.

Our staff support children’s learning through thoughtful interactions using ‘In the Moment’ planning.   We are highly skilled, reflective and responsive staff team.


We know we are having a positive impact on the holistic development of the children in our care because every child makes good progress in their time with us.

They become confident, engaged and flourishing learners and grow in confidence and independence as well as in skills and knowledge.

We see, and evidence, this impact in our observations; our assessments and data; our monthly curriculum evaluations and in our Reflective Practice staff discussions.

Our children are engaged learners.  Parent’s tell us how much their children enjoy coming to Woodcroft and reception class teachers often comment on how prepared our children are as they move in to school.

One recently said,

“We love having children from Woodcroft,                                                                                                                                                they arrive like ripe buds ready to flower.”