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Communication and Language


At Woodcroft Communication and Language is about:

  • immersing our children in an environment where adults enjoy exploring language with children, through poems, oral storytelling and a wide variety of books.
  • developing strong relationships so that children are confident to communicate their needs, thoughts and ideas.
  • listening to children and responding with full attention and interest to children’s attempts to communicate at every level.
  • using language to articulate thinking.
  • remembering that children need time to formulate their thoughts and ideas and space to respond to adults and each other.
  •  encouraging children to engage with stories and incorporate stories into their play.
  • empowering children  to change stories, develop their ideas through stories, and to see themselves as story makers.
  • extending vocabulary and exploring the meanings and sounds of new words.
  • beginning to build children’s capacity to talk and think about language.